Ways to Give

In a world that all too often is indifferent to those with intellectual disabilities, donors make a world of difference.  Your charitable support endorses the heart of the Special Olympics movement, which celebrates abilities over disabilities and advances the collective virtues of inclusion and respect.  Through these values and the unity of sponsors, donors, volunteers, and the public-at-large, we hope to transform our communities into more welcoming and open places for Montanans with intellectual disabilities.

  • Cash
    • Cash Gifts of cash or check are the simplest way to make a contribution.  Gifts may also be made by credit card by phone through the Special Olympics Montana Development Department.  Checks should be made to Special Olympics Montana.
    • Automatic transfers from your bank account to Special Olympics Montana decrease administrative costs for SOMT, so more of your gift goes directly to supporting athletes
  • Pledges
    • A pledge allows you to make a contribution over a period of time and can allow you to make a significant impact.  Pledge reminders are sent to you on a schedule that you determine.
  • Securities
    • Gifts of appreciated securities held at least one year are often advantageous to donors.  In most cases, the gift is valued at the current value of the security, however it will be valued for tax purposes at its original cost basis.
  • Real Estate and Tangible Property
    • Gifts of real estate or tangible property are accepted by the Foundation based on negotiation with the donor.  Significant tax advantages may accrue to donors as with gifts of securities.
  • In-Kind Donations
    • Special Olympics Montana accepts in-kind contributions that can be either used by the organization for various competitions and events, or sold to support SOMT programs.  Examples of this type of contribution include artwork, equipment, collectible books or other items that have value.  The value of an in-kind gift cannot be established by the Foundation for tax purposes, and must be valued by the donor.
  • Matching Gifts
    • Many companies and businesses offer their employees the opportunity to match charitable contributions.  Gifts from these employees can often be matched on a dollar for dollar basis, however you should contact the human resources department of your company to determine if this benefit is offered.
  • Memorials
    • Special Olympics Montana has accepted many gifts in memory of family members or friends of donors.  This gift creates a permanent legacy in honor or memory of individuals and can be applied either as one time gifts or create permanent endowments to support the sustainable future of Special Olympics Montana.
  • Host Your Own Fundraiser
    • You would like to set up your own fundraiser for Special Olympics Montana?  Thank you!  For more information, contact Pat McCraney at pmccraney@somt.org

Monthly Giving Program

Giving monthly to Special Olympics Montana (SOMT) is simple and rewarding.  The Monthly Giving Club is a group of committed donors who, through their regular monthly gifts, help support over 2,300 athletes with intellectual disabilities as they enjoy the life-changing benefits of participating with SOMT.

  • Making an impact – Know you are helping over 2,300 athletes with intellectual disabilities with your monthly gift.
  • Increased worth of gift and convenience – Automatic transfers decrease administrative costs for SOMT, so more of your gift goes directly to supporting athletes.
  • Tax deductible – Monthly giving is recognized as an annual gift and is 100% tax deductible.

Donation Levels

  • Gold Medal Member: $50 per month provides the curriculum & equipment to start a Young Athletes Program for 2 1/2 – 7 year olds in one classroom.
  • Silver Medal Member: $30 per month provides equipment, training & competition for one athlete in his/her sport for an entire season.
  • Bronze Medal Member: $15 per month provides the opportunity for two athletes to compete in State Summer or Winter Games.

Estate & Planned Giving

Estate and planned giving can allow you to make a significant gift to Special Olympics Montana either during your lifetime or at your passing.

Planned gifts such as wills, life income gifts and life insurance provide opportunities for donors to contribute in ways that can be extremely powerful, and in ways that may not be possible for your current situation.

A properly designed estate plan, with the assistance of qualified legal and financial counsel, can not only allow you to provide for your family as you wish, and to support charitable organizations that you wish to support.  It can also provide significant current and long term tax advantages.

Special Olympics Montana encourages you to make this type of philanthropic decision in consultation with your family and with your professional financial consultants and advisers, as well as with the Development Team at Special Olympics Montana.  Wills and bequests, charitable trusts, including charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities, living trusts, and life insurance are frequently used as vehicles for your charitable interests through estate planning.

Special Olympics Montana understands that a decision involving an estate plan must first involve what you wish to do for your family and heirs at a future date.  While your charitable intentions should always be included within your estate planning, we urge you to work with your family and your financial and legal advisers in making these decisions.

For more information please contact Rhonda McCarty at rmccarty@somt.org