LETR Athlete Ambassadors

LETR Athlete Ambassadors serve as the athlete representative to the Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run® Executive Committee and are the voice of the Torch Run at media events.


Each incoming athlete will serve a three-year term. Their 1st year is an introductory training on athlete leadership and the Law Enforcement Torch Run. During the 2nd year,  Athlete Ambassadors attend the International Conference for additional training. The 3rd year Athlete Ambassadors serve as mentors for the 1st year Athlete Ambassadors.

Become a LETR Athlete Ambassador

Nominations must be sent to the chapter office before September 1st to be considered. Each nominee can send in a video letting the Executive Committee know why they want to serve as an Athlete Ambassador or they may attend the Executive Committee meeting and speak with the members. We will keep each nomination on file for 3 years. If the nominee has not been selected within that time frame, a new nomination form will need to be submitted.

Current LETR Athlete Ambassadors


Skylehr Stiles

Belgrade Panthers

Rocky Smith

Miles City Cowboys

Jared Redeen

Great Falls Wild Hornets

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