Dave Hedley Memorial Fund

Dave HedleyIn 2012, a knife was donated to the Torch Run by Steve Slovak of Helena, MT. Steve, a long time knifemaker, took the knife from his personal collection to be raffled off at the Montana Torch Run Kick-Off Conference in 2012. Wayne Ternes with POST raffled the knife and it was won by Morgan Kasuske with the US Marshals Service. Morgan donated the knife back to be auctioned and asked that the proceeds from the auction be given to Dave Hedley’s family to help with his on-going medical expenses.

Jerry Williams then purchased the knife on behalf of the MPPA and also donated it back to Torch Run to be re-auctioned. The knife was then purchased by Bob Wojciechowski and Morgan. The knife generated $1390 in 2012 and the money was donated to the Hedley family. Dave graciously donated at least $500 to the local Special Olympics Thompson Falls program.

Bob and Morgan agreed to donate the knife back to the auction the next year in hopes that it can be auctioned off on a yearly basis, with the proceeds being used to further the Dave Hedley Memorial Fund.

At the 2013 Torch Run Kick-Off Conference, the knife was purchased for $575 by Dawn Payne with the Five Valleys AMT and Jamie Wood, SOMT staff member. Additional donations were also made on behalf of the Dave Hedley Memorial Fund, totalling $2,760. Every year since, the knife has gone up for auction with additional donations being made to the Dave Hedley Memorial Fund. Beginning in 2014, the Torch Run Executive Committee selects 1 to 2 local programs to receive up to $500 from the Dave Hedley Memorial Fund.

Applications from local Special Olympics Montana programs must be received by March 1st

Download the Dave Hedley Memorial Fund Application Form

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