State Basketball Tournament


2019 State Basketball Tournament: Butte, MT- November 7-9

Taking place in Butte and the surrounding area, the State Basketball Tournament features approximately 40 delegations from across Montana coming together to compete. It is a three day event, with November 7th featuring the opening ceremony, November 8th being a pool play day and featuring the Carnival and Dance, and November 9th being bracketed tournament play in the pursuit of first place! For more information on everything basketball, take a look at the links, videos, and unified information below. Look forward to seeing everyone on the court!

As games approach, resources will be posted below.

General Games Resources (coming soon)

Friday Game Schedule

Saturday Game Schedule

Individual Skills Division Assignments

Basketball Venues- Addresses and Descriptions

Family & Friends Dinner – Registration


Scott Held
Sports Director
Phone: (406) 216-5327 x 118

Games Results will be updated at the conclusion of the 2019 State Basketball Tournament.

2018 Traditional Results

2018 Unified Results

LPC Resources

2019 Basketball Rule Book and Rating Sheets

2019 State Basketball Information Packet

2019 Coaches Handbook

2019 Roster-Registration Form

SBB Roster-Registration Form Instructional

Important Information for Local Program Coordinators and Coaches

Basketballs: Please plan to bring your own basketballs for warm-ups. Referees may also ask for each team to present a possible game ball, and may choose one for competition.

Unified Play: SOMT will be recognizing two levels of unified play– player development and competitive. Teams will be divisioned based on the skill level of each teammate. For more information, see the rule book above. Review this fact sheet that explains the difference between the models. In the future, we hope to offer more in-depth training on the three Unified sports models: Competitive, Player Development, and Recreational. If you haven’t yet, please take the FREE online Unified Sports training offered through NFHS.