Coach Education

To be a Special Olympics coach, you don’t have to have prior experience – we provide the necessary training. What you do need is the enthusiasm and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of athletes. Use the drop-downs below to see what you need to become a coach, to see the online re-certification quizzes and coach resources, and to see other resources and coach courses available.


For any questions please contact your Local Program Coordinator or Sports Director, Bill Polk at or (406) 216-5327.

Coach Resources

Sport Certification


All new coaches must attend a coaches training session in whichever sport they would like to be certified in. These sessions cover all the basics you need to become a coach.


A new volunteer who completes this in-person course, and completes all necessary volunteer and coaching paperwork will be certified in their desired sport(s). All necessary forms can be found by clicking the button below.

Sport Re-Certification Quizzes


The re-certification quizzes are for coaches to re-certify in a sport. All questions must be answered to be re-certified. You can only miss ONE question to pass. Questions for the quiz come directly from the selected sport’s rule book, protest form, and coach resources. The quizzes can be taken multiple times until a passing mark is achieved.

Sport Re-Certification Quizzes

If you do not qualify for or do not pass the quiz(zes) you take, you will be notified within approximately 1-2 weeks by email. If you pass the re-certification quiz, you will not be notified, but your certification dates will be updated.


Alpine Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing

Additional Coach Education Courses


These courses are not required to become a certified coach but are helpful for anyone wanting to learn more about Special Olympics coaching.

Additional Coach Education Courses

Additional Coach Resources

These resources are intended to you further your Special Olympics coaching knowledge.


Athlete-Centered Coaching Guide


Special Olympics Sport Sciences

Additional Forms & Resources