Special Olympics Donor Spotlight

Arlene and Paul Wylie

Arlene and Paul Wylie have called Montana home for over 32 years. Parents of two grown sons, their youngest brought them to Special Olympics. An active advocate for SOMT, Tom Wylie is an Executive Producer for KRTV/KTGF and a contributor to montanasports.com. Tom has covered athletes’ most significant moments, and Arlene and Paul have come on board as generous supporters.

We asked Arlene, “Why Special Olympics?” and she shared some thoughts with us.

“We believe in SOMT’s goals to help people, and we have seen firsthand the joy it brings to its participants and volunteers.” The Wylies added that they appreciate how athletes are given a chance to shine in their chosen athletic events, no matter the competitive outcome. “In a world where these athletes are sometimes forgotten or marginalized, it enables them to be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished.”

Without supporters like Arlene, Paul, and Tom, SOMT would simply be unable
to continue the daily work to build inclusivity in our communities. We are
thankful for supporters like the Wylies.