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Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge Incentive Order Form

Plungers who raise more than $125/$50* are eligible for the incentive items below. While we try to order enough incentives to supply all Plungers, we cannot always guarantee they will be on hand at the Plunge. If you do not receive your official Plunge item(s) at the Plunge, please complete the order form below by March 1, 2018. Items will be shipped directly to you.

Incentive items are not cumulative and may vary for each Plunge. *$50 for youth 17 and under

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Polar Plunge Incentive Levels

PLEASE NOTE: Select only 1 level per Plunger. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Goosebumps Level - Plunge T-Shirt

Penguin Plunge Towel

Chilly Level Plunge Trucker Hat & T-Shirt

Cold Level - Plunge Blanket & T-Shirt</p><div  id=

Frostbite Level Plunge Cooler, Blanket & T-Shirt

Frigid Level Plunge Jacket & T-Shirt

Arctic Level All Lower Plunge Incentives

Glacial Level FitBit Smart Watch & Plunge T-Shirt

Totally Polar