Meet the 2024 Coach of the Year!

Celebrating Excellence: Brooke Hollowell – Special Olympics Montana’s Coach of the Year

In the eastern part of Montana, where dedication meets passion, one exceptional individual stands out for her unwavering commitment to her athletes. Brooke Hollowell, the recipient of Special Olympics Montana’s 2024 Coach of the Year award, embodies the spirit of coaching with unparalleled compassion and enthusiasm.

Brooke’s journey with the Miles City Adult athletes is a testament to her remarkable impact. Not long ago, participation among these athletes was waning, until Brooke fearlessly stepped in to revitalize the program. Under her leadership, what was once a struggling team has transformed into a powerhouse of enthusiasm and determination.

What makes Brooke’s coaching style truly special is her boundless energy and genuine care for her athletes. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her athletes have every opportunity to excel, both on and off the field. From securing sponsorships for new team apparel to personally accompanying her athletes to competitions, Brooke’s dedication knows no bounds.

Witnessing Brooke in action is like watching the Energizer Bunny—she never tires of motivating and cheering on her team. Her efforts extend beyond the sports arena; she fosters a sense of belonging and competitiveness among her athletes, instilling in them the confidence to shine.

One of Brooke’s standout achievements has been breathing life back into the Miles City Adults team. Despite initial nerves, she approached the challenge with determination, transforming the team into a symbol of resilience and sportsmanship. Her impact goes beyond wins and losses; she ignites a spark in each athlete, helping them realize their full potential.

Brooke’s coaching philosophy is rooted in empathy and excellence. She understands what it takes to be a top-performing athlete and ensures her athletes bring their A-game every time. Her coaching is characterized by regular communication, personalized attention, and unwavering support—qualities that elevate her beyond a coach to a mentor and friend.

Special Olympics Montana owes much to Brooke Hollowell. Through her efforts, she has not only revived a team but also strengthened a community. Her legacy is not just measured in trophies but in the smiles and confidence of her athletes. Brooke exemplifies the true essence of coaching—inspiring, uplifting, and transforming lives through sport.


As we celebrate Brooke’s achievements, let us also celebrate the impact she has had on every athlete she coaches. Special Olympics Montana is privileged to have Brooke Hollowell as Coach of the Year—a shining example of excellence and compassion in action.