Meet Adult Volunteer of the Year Amanda Minchew

Every year, Special Olympics Montana shines a spotlight on exceptional volunteers whose dedication and passion have profoundly impacted the lives of athletes and the community. This year, we were thrilled to honor Amanda Minchew as the 2024 Adult Volunteer of the Year—a well-deserved recognition for her unwavering commitment spanning over 15 years.

Amanda’s journey with Special Olympics began when her sister joined as an athlete, igniting Amanda’s enduring dedication to the cause of inclusivity and empowerment. Since then, Amanda has been a steadfast presence at every local and area event, embodying the spirit of volunteerism with unmatched enthusiasm and reliability.

What sets Amanda apart is her versatility and genuine care for every athlete she encounters. She has coached numerous sports, including her recent role as a Unified Partner in golf at the 2023 State Summer Games—an experience that not only earned her a medal but also inspired her partner, Brandy Peterson, to strive for her personal best, so they could succeed together.

Beyond our state borders, Amanda’s impact resonates globally. Her service at the USA Games and World Games has left indelible impressions, recognized even by athletes from distant places like Belgium. Amanda’s ability to foster meaningful connections underscores her remarkable ability to unite volunteers and athletes alike in a shared pursuit of excellence.

Amanda’s contributions extend far beyond the field; they are part of the fabric of Special Olympics Montana’s success. Her relentless support and advocacy have enriched our organization, making it stronger and more inclusive year after year.

Despite her sister’s relocation, Amanda’s commitment remains steadfast. Her enduring presence in our community exemplifies the true spirit of volunteerism.

As we celebrate Amanda Minchew’s remarkable achievements, let us not only congratulate her but also take inspiration from the dedication she shows. Amanda embodies the mission of Special Olympics, and her impact will continue to resonate long into the future.


Congratulations, Amanda, on this well-deserved honor. Thank you for being a beacon of hope, inclusion, and compassion within our Special Olympics family. Here’s to many more years of making a difference and spreading joy through your remarkable volunteerism.