Healthy Athletes

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The Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program offers free health exams to adults and children with intellectual disabilities. These exams are in the areas of vision, physical therapy, dental, audiology, podiatry, prevention and nutrition, emotional/mental health, and free physical exams. They are facilitated by trained volunteers, who are professionals in their respective fields.


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Healthy Athlete Disciplines

Fit Feet

Strong Minds

Special Smiles

Opening Eyes

Healthy Hearing

Healthy Promotions

Fun Fitness

Community Support Tools

Montana 2-1-1

Montana 2-1-1 provides information and connects people to resources for non-emergency needs, via an easy-to-remember phone number (2-1-1) and a mobile-friendly website ( You can use this website to easily search for your city’s non-profit and government services.

FindHelp.Org connects people seeking help with verified social care providers for free or at a reduced cost. It has a search tool that lists agencies and resources by zip code, in the areas of food, housing, transportation, health, work, legal, and financial support.