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Welcome to Special Olympics Montana Healthy Communities  ~Igniting Change for Inclusive Health

Special Olympics Health, made possible by the Golisano Foundation, is working to achieve inclusive health for people with intellectual disabilities, which means equitable access to quality healthcare, education, and services throughout the community.






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Fit 5 Health and Fitness Classes

Fit 5 is a fitness program focusing on physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. It can improve your health and fitness to make you the best athlete you can be.  For information on how to start a Fit 5 class in your area, contact Bill Salonen at 406-315-4230 or

Fit 5 Flyer- Gallatin Valley YMCA- Fall 2020

SOMT Health Messengers

A Health Messenger is a Special Olympics athlete who has been trained to serve as a health and wellness leader, educator, advocate, and role model within their Special Olympics town or the community at large.


Healthy Athletes Screenings / Fact Sheets

The Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program offers free health exams to adults and children with intellectual disabilities. These screenings are in the areas of vision (Opening Eyes), physical therapy (FUNfitness), dental (Special Smiles), audiology (Healthy Hearing), podiatry (Fit Feet), prevention and nutrition (Health Promotion), emotional/mental health (Strong Minds), and free physical exams (MedFest).  They are run by trained volunteers, are making a huge impact in the lives of Special Olympics athletes.  Check out the Fact Sheets for each screening.

Fit Feet     FUNfitness     Health Promotion     Healthy Hearing   

 MedFest     Opening Eyes     Special Smiles     Strong Minds


Staying Safe with COVID-19


Montana 2-1-1

Montana 2-1-1 provides information and connects people to resources for non-emergency needs, via an easy to remember phone number (2-1-1) and a mobile friendly website ( that can be easily searched for your city’s non-profit and government services.