Butte Man Receives International Award for Law Enforcement Torch Run

Retired Butte Silverbow Law Enforcement Sergeant Jerry Williams of Butte was inducted into the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) 2023 Richard LaMunyon Hall of Fame on October 30 in Chicago, Illinois. 

Just one of three awards presented internationally, this award is presented by the Law Enforcement Torch Run International Executive Council and is the most prestigious award given in the Law Enforcement Torch Run movement.  

This honor is bestowed upon those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, commitment and dedication to the cause at the local, state, national, and international levels. Hall of Fame inductees from the past, present, and future, represent those who have dared to carry the Flame of Hope™ into uncharted territories; excel the mission to new levels; or have demonstrated unwavering leadership in the development of our cause. 

For 29 years, Jerry Williams has been instrumental in the success of the Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run program. Jerry’s involvement initially began in 1994 as a LETR volunteer. The passion of the Torch Run quickly ignited in Jerry as he became Montana’s 1st LETR State Director in 1999. From this post, Jerry helped develop and build the LETR Executive Committee in Montana.  

Beyond developing the framework for the MT LETR Leadership, Jerry has passionately recruited officers, athletes, and volunteers alike to join the LETR mission. From the very beginning, Jerry is credited with breaking down barriers between city, county, state and federal agency lines in order to get all law enforcement on the same team championing inclusion for all. After his career as an active-duty officer, Jerry went on to be an instructor at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA). During this time, Jerry was a strong advocate of the idea that every Basic Class be exposed to LETR through a formal presentation from LETR Officer leaders.  

Jerry also helped start Montana’s first ever Polar Plunge in Whitefish, MT in 1999. To date, this is our largest Polar Plunge annually. Jerry has also led other fundraisers including the Mining City Plunge in Butte, the Holiday Dip in Red Lodge, Cops & Lobsters, the LETR Harley Davidson Raffle and the Butte Building Sit. Currently, Jerry leads the MPPA Foundation Golf Tournament to benefit Special Olympics Montana.  

From 2012 to 2018, Jerry was the Director of the largest police association in Montana, the Montana Police Protective Association (MPPA). After his term as the director, Jerry became president of MPPA Foundation and continues to serve in that role.