Bowling Championships

In 2020, approximately 650 athletes, 50 unified partners, 75 coaches, 125 volunteers, and 125 day-of volunteers participated in the State Bowling Championships. The 2021 Bowling Championships dates are in the works and they are shaping up to be many fun-filled days of bowling competition!

Havre- Harvest Moon Lanes- February TBD, 2021

Billings- Sunset Bowl- February TBD, 2021

Billings- Fireside Lanes- February TBD, 2021

Bigfork- Pick’s Bowling Center- February TBD, 2021

Butte- Star Lanes- February TBD, 2021


Scott Held
Sports Director
Phone: (406) 216-5327 ext 118


2019-20 SOMT Bowling Modification Rules

2020 Bowling Championships Information Packet

2020 Bowling Roster Form

2020 Bowling Registration Form

2020 Bowling Flight Schedule, All Venues

Bowling Roster-Registration Forms Instructional

Score Submission Guide

Tournament Results

Bigfork- SinglesDoubles/Team

Butte- SinglesDoubles/Team

Havre- SinglesDoubles/Team

Billings Fireside- SinglesDoubles/Team

Billings Sunset- SinglesDoubles/Team