Athlete Leadership

What is Athlete Leadership?

If we want a more inclusive organization and accepting world, Special Olympics athletes must be allowed to contribute in ways beyond the sports field. One of the most powerful ways we do this is through Athlete Leadership, which creates opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to develop and demonstrate their abilities in leadership roles.

With this goal in mind, Special Olympics Montana has created a curriculum for athletes to learn more about leadership and select specific roles in which they would like to contribute in furthering the mission of SOMT!



Active Leadership Application

Athlete Leadership Flyer

Athlete Leadership Application – deadline December 31, 2023.

A new class of Athlete Leaders is trained yearly. To apply to be an Athlete Leader contact

Bill Salonen  or 406-315-4205.

Leadership Opportunities

Torch Run Ambassador

LETR Ambassador

LETR Ambassadors are Athlete Leaders that serve a 3-year term on the Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run executive council. These athletes advise on the direction of LETR and help promote the many events this group puts on year-round.


Athlete Input Council

The Athlete Input Council is comprised of Athlete Leaders all across the state of Montana that meet regularly and give suggestions and feedback on how to move the mission of Special Olympics Montana forward.

Torch Run Ambassador

Coaches & Officals

There are dozens of SOMT athletes who have chosen to further their athletic careers by taking on a coach or official role with their teams. This group of Athlete Leaders chooses which sports they would like to coach then attend the SOMT coach education course to become certified coaches.

Development Messenger

Development Messenger

Development Messengers are Athlete Leaders dedicated to raising funds for Special Olympics Montana. These athletes can be found promoting sponsorship opportunities, fundraising events, and connecting with local businesses.

Unified Leadership

Unified Leadership

Inclusive youth leadership is when young people of all abilities are given opportunities to be leaders in their schools and communities. These leadership activities help students find their voices and teach them to become change agents in their communities by promoting equity and acceptance.

Health Messenger

Health Messengers

Health Messengers are a group of Athlete Leaders who promote healthy lifestyles to their peers and teammates. These athletes complete health practicums throughout the year on topics such as eating healthy, exercise, and mental health practices.