2023 Inclusion Theme>> Going All In(clusive)!

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) still face exclusion, social isolation, and social abuse. Spread the Word Inclusion efforts are designed to rally schools, organizations, and communities to commit to the inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Spread the Word theme for 2023 is Going All In(clusive): This thematic is action-oriented—a motivational rallying cry that doubles down on the belief that everyone has value, deserves to have their voice heard and to be treated with kindness and respect. Going all in(clusive) also means speaking up against the wrong and demeaning use of the R-word in conversations. It is part of an education effort that showcases that language informs attitudes and attitudes impact actions.

In 2023, the annual day of awareness is held on March 1. While most activities are centered on or near that awareness day (week) in March, people everywhere are encouraged to spread the word in their communities and schools throughout the year.

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