Annoucement- 2022 Bowling and State Summer Games Programming 

Annoucement- 2022 Bowling and State Summer Games Programming 

TO: SOMT Constituents
SUBJECT: 2022 Bowling and State Summer Games Programming
DATE: November 23, 2021 

As a successful 2021 program year draws to a close, Special Olympics Montana (SOMT) would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the athletes, unified partners, coaches, volunteers, and family members who have remained adaptable and supportive of the SOMT mission!  As an organization, we have learned a lot in the last two years and look forward to further developing programming at the local level.  Working together, we already have and will continue to accomplish much for Montana’s athletes.  

SOMT is excited to announce the format for the 2022 Regional Bowling Championships and 2022 State Summer Games programming, both of which fall within the current Special Olympics International Return to Activity protocols and may be executed in any risk category. 

Regional Bowling Championships 

SOMT will bring localized tournaments to approximately 14 statewide locations!  Tournaments will be run in multiple locations the same day, with competitors from each alley being placed in divisions together.  

The competition offering will allow athletes to compete in either singles or unified doubles with athletes across the state in real-time.  Awards will be presented at the end of each flight, with results from across the state coming into a central database to determine winners. This will allow an athlete bowling in one location the opportunity to compete with other athletes bowling at the same time, in another location. 

For those not yet ready, or able, to return to “multi-team” competition, there will be a compete from practice option available for athletes and unified partners to participate in bowling. 

Below is the list of “tentative” tournament locations.  A detailed schedule will be released soon. 

Bigfork, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Conrad, Glasgow, Great Falls, Havre, Helena, Lewistown, Miles City, Missoula, Polson, and Whitefish.  

State Summer Games 

Volunteers from the Bozeman-based Games Management Team are eager to begin planning another outstanding 2022 State Summer Games!  Currently, protocols from Special Olympics International do not allow for overnight travel and we have not been given any indication when new protocols will be released.  We do not believe it would be prudent for teams to plan for overnight travel to Bozeman in May of 2022.  That said, our goal is to work with the local areas to plan and host localized games in multiple areas.  Teams would travel to the event, compete, and return home the same day.  

In addition to multi-area localized events, a “compete from practice” model will be available, similar to what was offered in 2021.  The compete from practice model would be altered for 2022.  All seven State Summer Games sports would be offered, as well as the Motor Activities Training Program.  The seven sports would include Athletics, Bocce Skills, Cycling, Golf, Swimming, Soccer Skills, and Gymnastics.  The sport of Gymnastics would be offered as an exhibition event only.  Each localized event will have their own flavor and flair based on the Return to Activity protocols.  A “compete from home” option will continue to be available for those unable, or uncomfortable, returning to “in-person” events. 

Between now and the end of the year, SOMT staff will be meeting with the Bozeman-based Games Management Team and the local area Competition Coordinators to discuss the spring/summer season and State Summer Games in more detail.  SOMT plans to announce a more comprehensive plan after the first of the year.  

SOMT is extremely proud of the coaches, volunteers, and family members that have kept the athletes and unified partners engaged, active, and healthy the last two years!  We look forward to working with each area so once again, we can BE GREAT FROM ACROSS THE STATE! 


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