The Polar Plunge is going VIRTUAL. Same PlungeFUN only on your own time.

All are in invited to participate in the first ever Virtual Polar Plunge. For Plungers that are high risk of COVID-19, or those that are uncomfortable attending a live Plunge due to the crowds, SOMT has designed a Virtual Polar Plunge option. Virtual Plunges offer participants the opportunity to participate in the local plunge while staying at home with family, friends, or teammates. Virtual Plungers are still eligible to receive all of the same incentives as well! Virtual Plunges will be comprised of video submissions from your local area, and will be available to view on the official SOMT Polar Plunge Facebook page.

Some ideas for your own Virtual Plunge include:
– Taking an ice bath in your swimsuit
– Making snow angels in your costume
– Water balloon fight in the snow
– Super Soaker battle outside

Visit our PLUNGE PAGE to learn more!

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