Covid-19 Update and more. We are returning to activities, soon!

Covid-19 Update and more. We are returning to activities, soon!

Date: June 29, 2020   
From: Rhonda McCarty, CEO
FYI:   Good news!  We are returning to activities, soon! Returning to Activities

Beginning August 1, 2020, Special Olympics Montana (SOMT) will implement a phased approach to return to activities structured with respect to the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, staff, and partners.
In the meantime, we will extend the suspension of in-person sport training and competition activities and other programs involving our athletes through July 31, 2020.

Please watch your inbox for return to activities guidelines coming your way later in July.

Sports News

State Basketball 2020
With Covid-19 concerns ongoing, State Basketball 2020 will need to look different. Hosting a large-scale event requiring overnight travel does not fit our guidelines of protecting the health and safety of our people. Unfortunately, as much as we want to, we will not be traveling to Butte to participate in a tournament as we know it. Nevertheless, SOMT staff is currently working with our Butte-based Games Management Team to develop alternative competition opportunities that will take place this fall. Again, watch your inbox for an official roll-out of plans coming no later than the end of the month.

Continuation Protocol Implementation
Most recently, SOMT staff completed the audit process of low-participation sports including equestrian, gymnastics, kayaking and powerlifting. SOMT staff evaluated the participation thresholds of these sports based on 2018 and 2019 State Summer Games registrations. Based on participation data, SOMT will continue to offer gymnastics going forward. Equestrian, kayak and powerlifting, which did not meet the threshold requirements will not be offered at the state level. SOMT will open an Area Level Bid process, we invite, welcome, and encourage local areas to consider this alternative model as a way of maintaining these sports.For complete details outlining the Continuation Protocol, athlete participation data, and the Area Level Bid process, visit the link below.

Full Continuation Protocol Memo

State Summer Games 2021
With the Continuation Protocol resulting in a reduction of sports, we have an opportunity to alter the 2021 State Summer Games schedule. SOMT staff believes altering the schedule would be an advantage to many. Please visit the link below for a glimpse at a proposed schedule. We welcome and encourage feedback.

2021 State Summer Game Schedule

Stay Tuned!

As we look to resume operations and activities in this time of Covid-19, Special Olympics is developing guidance on returning to activities founded on the latest medical information available and guidance from organizations such as the World Health Organization and specific health agencies such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Guidance will continue to be based on current medical information available at the time. As knowledge of Covid-19 is changing rapidly, guidance will continue to evolve. At Special Olympics Montana, we are committed to staying safe and well.


Rhonda McCarty, CEO
Special Olympics Montana

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